KFC Discount Offers Today - 4 Pc Chicken Wings KFC Coupons

Bored of same food and what to eat something tasty? KFC brings you great discount to avail. Offers starting from as low as Rs. 110/- only. So what are you waiting for let the party begin.

Below you can find several KFC coupons and offers to choose from.

Flat 15% discount offer

On an order of Rs. 450 and above, KFC offers 15% discount. Just add code KFCD02 while checkout. Order amount should be excluding taxes. Maximum of up to 1000/- can be availed by this offer. Reason much for throwing a feast for friends, isn’t it ?

Buckets for only 299/- – awesome value offer

New chick and share bucket is so amazing that you can get either- hot wings, hot & crispy, strips or extra large popcorn. Share the bucket with your friends and family and enjoy. 15 pc hot wings, 5 pc hot wings, 10 pc strips or extra-large popcorn.

Smoky grilled offer- a total delight offer

Now get your smoky grilled chicken at only 299/-, you get 3 pcs with this offer. The juicy, spicy and Smokey chicken will reset your taste buds and fulfil your tummies.

Zinger box – 5 in 1 offer

A drink ,dessert and 3 snacks, can easily cost you rs. 500/- and above, but not if you purchase 5 in 1 zinger box. You can enjoy Chicken Zinger, 1 pc veg strip, Lotte choco pie, 2pc Hot wings & pepsi at only Rs.179/- . Yes, we know it’s too good to be true.

4 pc chicken wings offer

Don’t you love your spicy hot wings, you can accommodate this tasty thing in your belly, even if you are full from eating other stuff at KFC, and when the price is as low as Rs. 109/- one should definitely go for it. Get 4 pc Chicken Wings Offer at Rs. 109/- only.

Zinger combo offer

No one can miss Zinger burger when they order KFC, it in itself is a complete meal, now get 4 zinger burgers at only Rs. 350/- rush to your nearest store or order now.

Awesome Friday offer

Can you guess the price of 9 pc smoky grilled chicken, all you guesses will be wrong as KFC introduces an awesome offer where you can get 6 pc Smokey chicken with 3 pcs extra.

Hot & crispy for only Rs. 110/-

Get 2 pc hot & crispy at only Rs 110/- , chicken and offer both totally irresistible

Delight trio – at Rs.499/-

Combination of Hot & Crispy, Boneless & Hot Wings Chicken is indeed an awesome trio, enjoy 6 pc of each at only Rs. 499/-

Rice box combo

At only Rs. 179/- you can get Rice box along with 1pc hot & crispy chicken, 2pc Hot wings, Lotte choco pie & Pepsi ,enjoy this tempting offer and fill your tummies.

Hot & Crispy totally affordable offer

Now 8 pcs hot & crispy is at Rs.525/- , enjoy the offer until it lasts.