August 1, 2016
We are pleased to announce that Tony Crisco has joined The Chatham Group team as our Supply Chain/Logistics recruiter.  Tony holds a MBA, a BS in Criminal Justice from Troy University, and has over 25 years of decorated service in the United States Coast Guard as a field grade officer. He joined The Chatham Group in the summer and is quickly adding value to the team as a versatile recruitment asset capable of moving across multiple industry recruitment desks supporting both candidates and clients.

February 15th, 2016
We are pleased to announce that Jana Caudill has joined The Chatham Group team as our Internet Research Guru.  Jana is going to be working very closely with our Video Game Development team to insure that candidates and clients get the attention they deserve.  If you see any interesting newsletter or article coming out of our company, chances are, Jana is behind its brilliance.

March 1st, 2014
New Marketing endeavors and a new website marks the advancement of the Chatham Group in the recruiting industry. With the launch of this name website in March 2014 by Galvanek & Wahl Advertising Agency, the site is modern and more importantly “responsive” meaning that it is mobile friendly. More that 60% of all website customers have been using mobile platforms to visit site and job boards including our jobs page. Also, the Chatham group launched the sub-brand for the video game development industry called “Hero Behind the Hero” with the new responsive website The Chatham Group has also been utilizing YouTube and Google+ for the publishing of new job postings/descriptions. Please visit the Google/YouTube channel here: The Chatham Group

November 1st, 2013
The Chatham Group is pleased to announce that Robert J. Wheeler has joined the Chatham group focusing in the Technology- Video Game Development industry. As a Project Coordinator for Video Game Development within The Chatham Group, Robert focuses on helping companies fill open positions as well as helps professionals land their dream jobs. He is dedicated to his work and enjoys building relationships with his clients and customers using his background in recruiting, client relations, and human resources. He has a passion for the video games industry and loves talking to others who do as well.

Robert graduated from North Carolina State University with a degree in Business Administration and has worked as a Technical Recruiter in the Information Technology Industry. He grew up in and currently lives in the Raleigh area.

July 1st, 2013
The Chatham Group is excited to have Trevor Terris join the team focusing in the Chemical Industry as a Project Coordinator. Trevor shoulders over 7 years of entrepreneurial experience from a moving business he started during his college days at UNC.  When he wasn’t busy procrastinating, skipping exams or playing music, you could find him developing, managing and running his business.  We think he eventually got his act together and completed his degree in communications. Not more than a few months after graduating, he began to desire a more scientific understanding of the world, so he continued his academic training by completing a second undergraduate degree in chemistry.

After several months in the lab he decided another 40 years would be too many.  He then tried volunteering in a hospital and working in manufacturing and quickly decided his technical interests were more broad and less specialized. Then one day as he was carrying an overly large refrigerator strapped to his back up 10 flights of stairs, he began to reflect on the qualities he desired from his professional life.  Following a bit of research he decided a career in technical recruiting in the chemicals industry aligned nicely with his skills and interests and would suit his fancy just right. He has since settled into his search career, but believe it or not is still willing to move overly large refrigerators up 10 flights of stairs.  Only now for much higher fees.

July 1st, 2012
The Chatham Group is pleased to announce that Paxton Galvanek and Emily Brown have both join the Chatham Group team. Paxton Galvanek comes to the “force” as an Account & Marketing Manager with over 12+ years of experience in the Marketing, Advertising and Video Game Industries. Having owned a full service advertising agency serving Fortune 500 companies, Paxton bring his business development experience, client management finese and client support to the Chatham Group. Emily Brown joins the team as Project Coordinator and has worked within the recuriting industry prior to joining the Chatham Group. Emily’s exceptional personality and her customer management skills bring a positive and productive element to the office.

In addition to the addition of 2 new team members the Chatham Group has launched a new and fresh website. If you are reading this message then you can see the new site layout and design. Completely redesigned by Galvanek & Wahl Advertising Agency, the new site showcases the industries of focus and effectively presents the content in a friendly and engaging manner. We hope you like the new site design!