Contingency Search

This is the most common partnership in the industry, our team hold most of the risk and will conduct the search with no money down. We refer candidates who most closely match your company’s requirements. If you hire someone we’ve presented, our fee is 33.3% of anticipated first-year compensation. If you hire someone through another source, no fee is due.


Engaged Search

This search is a top priority for the team, and is suited for urgent situations or those where a continuous focus is critical. Sample: Instead of a 28% contingency service fee, the fee is discounted at 28% of the first year compensation. You pay 5% of the project fee to initiate the search and the remainder when the candidate begins employment or 23%.


FAST Search

“Find and Screen Talent”- A flat fee/low-cost option, we help create a job description for your position, post it to a national job boards (CareerBuilder, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc) and then briefly screen potential candidates for interest, pre-qualifying them and then providing you with the candidate information.


Extended Services:

For those companies that prefer to outsource parts of the hiring process, we can also offer optional services, including:

  • Relocation assistance
  • Personal/Primary Interviews
  • Background checks
  • Drug screening
  • Medical Physicals