Here is a list of seven most common interviewing mistakes. Keep them in mind for your upcoming interview and ask us to elaborate on them.

Pride – once you’re within a mile of the interview, be nice to everyone! Treat each person with respect; from the door man to the president.

Sloth – do your homework! Showing a hiring authority that you have researched their company by asking good questions lets them know you are serious.

Greed – no discussion of compensation or benefits. (let the hiring authority bring it up. It is ok to talk historical facts and tell them what you have made. The interview should be about what you can do for them, not what they can do for you!)

Gluttony – don’t hog all the airtime. Short and organized responses are best!

Wrath – your new boss doesn’t want to know how bad your old boss was! NEVER talk negatively about former bosses, employees or companies. Positive attitudes win the day!

Lust – dress for success: coat and tie or a suit is the rule at this level.

Envy – sure, you might rather be living the life of Reilly, but for now, stick to the interview questions.