The Development of The Product Stewardship Discipline as a crucial component of a company’s over-arching product life-cycle efforts continues to gain significant momentum.  Product Stewards are the key company professionals that serve as both vanguards for implementing changes in sustainability and responsible care, and a watchtower for the ever-evolving global regulatory environment.  Whether you specialize in the Regulatory environment, hazards and risk communication, toxicology or Extended Producer Responsibility, The Chatham Group can assist you in your endeavors to grow in your chosen field.  Our specialists are devoted to assisting companies and organizations fulfill their professional needs with disciplined and spirited Product Steward practitioners and leaders. Whether it is a Fortune 100 company looking for an Executive Director, or a small or mid-sized company seeking to build a stronger foundation of trained expertise and judgement into your organization, we are poised to help your company fulfill its needs.  Likewise, if you are a prospective candidate ready to leverage your Product Stewardship skills, in order to achieve your next career move, we have a network of professional connections complementing relevant industry know how ready to assist you in your endeavors.

We have represented and filled the following Product Stewardship positions:


Geographical Specialties 


End Markets

Polymers & Plastics
Ceramics and Technical Materials
Electronics – MicroElectronics
Medical Equipment & Diagnostics
Metals and Fabrication
Bio Medical
Emerging Technologies
Health & Safety
Pulp & Paper
Industrial Gases
Food & Beverage
International Trade

Industry Positions

Corporate – International
Executive Level
Director Level
Regulatory Specialists & Engineers
Product Stewardship Leaders
Chief Toxicologists
Quality and Regulatory Managers
Hazards Communication Managers
Risk Assessment leaders
Biochemists and Chemists
Value Chain Analysts




Please contact Recruiter Michael Mueller for all Product Stewardship and Regulatory recruiting needs:
Michael Mueller- Phone: 984-528-3017 Email: