Join Our Team

Be a Chemical Industry Recruiter!

Work in a friendly, team environment!  Use your sense of humor!  Have an income that is not capped and directly related to your personal efforts!

Great work/life balance for a better family life!
There is typically little need to work weekends or travel.  The Chatham Group understands that most people work to live and value the lifestyle that this business affords.  This means that you can spend more time with your family and doing the important things you enjoy in life.

Get professional training & mentorship!
We offer a proven system of support and continuous education at all levels of your career. Further, when you join our business, we provide extensive training and direct mentoring with key management.  We take your training seriously and spend the time necessary to make sure you have the skills in all areas that are required to insure your success.

Do Work That is Important!
Every day, you will be helping people improve their lives and their careers. You will be making friends for life in a “career” that truly has meaning and gives you a reason for waking up excited every morning!  You will also be helping organizations find the talent that they need to continue to grow, prosper and contribute to society.

Characteristics of Successful Professional Recruiters:

  • Enjoys working with people
  • Sales personality
  • Background or education in, Science or Technology (Chemistry preferred)
  • High level of computer literacy and social media knowledge
  • Attention to detail
  • Strong written and verbal communication skills
  • Self motivated and organized
  • Eager to build your own practice
  • Enjoy talking on the phone with professionals


As a recruiter, your income is uncapped and directly related to your efforts and success.  The top 20% of the recruiters in our network earn well over $100,000 a year, every year.  In addition, you have the flexibility to establish your own client base and area of expertise and build your own business area to whatever level you desire.

Hear what some Chatham Group Employees had to say…

Paxton G.- “I enjoy working in the recruiting industry because it gives me the opportunity to really use my sales and interpersonal skills to create a business opportunity for myself and my company that I wouldn’t have at many other types of sales jobs.  I really enjoy talking to different people everyday, and the challenge vs. reward factor of the business is outstanding.”

Frank F. – “If you like to develop your entrepreneurial spirit, recruiting is the opportunity for you.  You have the flexibility of managing your own hours, develop new relationships and help talented people find opportunities among fortune 500 companies on top of earning compensation directly proportional to your effort.”

Kate B. – “I enjoy working at The Chatham Group due to the challenges each and every project presents to me.  The Company allows me to continuously learn in a fun filled environment while keeping a great work/life balance.”

Robert W. – “I love working at the Chatham Group.  As a recruiter, I have the opportunity to learn and grow, taking control of my success and working towards becoming the best-in-class recruiter I want to be.”

Heather T. – “The work environment is great!  Our projects allow for a challenging and rewarding day’s work, while having a lot of fun.”

Thank you for your interest. If you would like to learn more about being a professional recruiter with The Chatham Group, please send your resume to and include a cover letter telling us why you find this opportunity attractive.